On May 31st 2006 in Oklahoma City members (Chuck Ivey-Bass/Vocals, Johnny Gregg-drums/Vocals) of the 70's proto punk band Debris, along with members(Robb-Hayes guitar, C.R. Harrison-synth) from 70's rock band Victoria Vein and the Thunderpunks preformed a set of new material under the name Chuck Poison Ivey Ensem'Balls with OKC 80's hardcore pscyh rockers Captain Eyeball( whose line up at the time was orginal mastermind Dr. Distortion-guitar/vocals/synth backed by Keith Cook on Bass and Jean Guild on drums) and the Country Teasers opening up. This recording was taken directly from the soundboard. Copyright 2006 RED X(tm)(sm) Artwork/Cd Layout and Recording by Keith Cook

Mastered by Elyse Angelo at Studio Girl Recording

Chuck Poison Ivey Ensem'balls www.myspace.com/debris1975


Captain Eyeaball www.myspace.com/captaineyeball