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Diamond-Honey real name vanessa chuma is a young talented lady from east london. vanessa started music at the tender young age of 10 and recorded her first single" hottie" when she was just 14 with no experience in the music world she started writting music,stories and poetry. By the time she was 16 she started working on her mixtape "diamond-honey up&coming" with her remix of fat joes lean back with her own freestyle. and other tracks like "tonight and i'll ride the comments were all good which was a good look on vanessa's half as she had produced the tracks her self in her mums house were she had a studio. At first people couldnt believe it was a 16 year old rapping like that,let alone a young 16 old girl.she attracked attention in the us due to her plays on myspace rappers wanted to collab with her in which she accepted but she didnt want to get signed to any record labels because she wanted to know more about her self as a musician before coming out in the music . vanessa had a specific way of writting her lyrics, she would listen to a beat then write a chorus then rewind and write at most 5 verses to 1 song and record all of them but keep 1 as her main verse. she loved writting lyrics, she would write at any chance given school, streets, bedroom, walls ect. Her main genre of music is hiphop and rnb although she did "uk grime" when she was 14 till 15 she stopped because she felt it was "too hype" and wasnt going to get anywhere sticking to it.

Now vanessa is working on her album "star in the making" out 2009

studio version out already

Now she is also working on her very own clothing line "DiRtyy-SwAgg" and BliiTZ-mOdELz" not olny that but she is also modelling for different labels in uk and us

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