Naturaliss is a Reggae/Dancehall Artist/Producer, Birth Name Damian Gordon Born October 8, 1982.  Naturaliss is from Islington St. Mary Jamaica. Naturaliss attend St. Mary Technical High School between 1996-2000 and Mary mount Business Department between 2000-2002.  Nautraliss was sucessful in seven cxc pases.  Naturaliss had a great interest in music and started out performing arround his community and later performed on smile Jamaica and other major shows.  Naturaliss is currently promoting his Album "SHANTY TOWN", which contains Twelve Tracks(12).  The album is a mixture of Reggae, Dancehall,and R&B.  Singles are:  FUNTIME, FOREIGN,TUN-OVA/DAGGA, ONLY YOU and many more. Naturaliss have  songs from the Album playing on mixtapes and various Radio Stations both internationally and locally.  Shanty Town Album is currently available on and all leading online stores where it is doing extreamly well.  Naturaliss is on projects with Vibz Kartel, Boscom X and Black Rhyno namely "Gerrison Code Rythm and Sabatoge Rythm" produced by Zigludon Records. Naturliss is a major part of the CR3 Records with whom he does most of his recordings.  Naturaliss is also willing to work with any producer or label who is willing to work with him.  Naturaliss is faced with a lot of setbacks in the industry as it is not easy to get in contact with producers's and getting them to work with you.  Everybody is aware that PAYOLA is one ot the leading setbacks for an upcoming artist.  

For bookings and othe information visit, email contact# 1876-468-4178 or 1876-436-7219.