Passioned by electronic music and synthesizers since I listened the title "Echoes" from the band Pink Floyd  I then decided to also buy myself musical equipements to create my own musics. My influence are from great artists as Jean-Michel JARRE, VANGELIS, YANNI, TANGERINE DREAM , KITARO, Klaus SCHULZE, Steve ROACH etc...The huge technical progress in computer world associed with many new sophisticated softwares to make music and simulate great sounds (Virtual instruments) allowed me since the 10 past years to create many different ambiences that I classify in New Age, Ambient, Cosmic Music, Relaxation, Chillout, Atmospheric etc... So I hope you will enjoy (more than 400 titles) and I thank you very much  in advance for your time of listening, and you can download as much as you want  (all free)
If you wish to download more of my last compositions that you cannot find here, you can go to listen and embed with you  or download my 22 free albums that I uploaded on my JAMENDO site (Very good quality sound at 320Kbps and including as well the artwork cover in Jpg format). Also If you wish to use my music just for background music on your own site or blog those Jamendo albums are also including a possibility of Autoplay function in the Html code to allow you having the first music of the album playing automatickly when a visitor arrive on your welcoming page . The direct links for my free albums are  here under (8 langages supported):