Since the early 1980's, hip hop music has been a platform for artists to express themselves physically, mentally or verbally in lyrics which are heard all over the world. Like a musical portal that you can only go through if you contain the talent, skill and mind to succeed, be great and memorable. Talk of the talk and just to say Big Daddy Cane, leader of the new school. Michael Jackson and who could forget Run DMC. Now up to date is 50 Cent, T.I., Jadakiss are just a few who have gone through the musical portal and that's hip hop history. Now we come to a new generation where its the same rules just different time and guess what, talent is always being born.
           In the summer of June 1985 in Queens, NY. Shystice Money born Craig Smith son to Mary Watkins and William Smith Sr., younger brother to William R. Smith. At a early age in grade school, he frequently was in a choir singing,harmonizing and other extracurricular activites. As he became of age now 25years old, he never lost that talent but just enhanced it to excite the lifes of peopleall around him. Leaving a impact on the mind of music philosophy to be analyzed clearly.
           The music, sounds and lyrics that Shystice produce can give a sense of awareness of the good, bad and sometimes ugly side of life. Graduating from high school, going to college pursuing a career in music, then becoming a victim of police brutality. To make the transition through good, bad and ugly situations in his life, we can just imagine what he has in store for us in this world.