Hi and welcome to Stringsapproach...

Behind Stringsapproach is recording artist Craig Hassell from the United Kingdom. For those who have supported me, I would like to express my thanks for the great comments and reviews I’ve received.

Some of you may have noticed a slight shift from Trance & Progressive to Ambient & Experimental with tracks such has: Nightdrifter, Beyond this mist and Freedom etc...

This allows me to explore more into sound design and be a little more creative; to turn off the metronome and improvise thus letting the sounds I use be more expressive. I’m often asked what software I use...well, all the sounds and refills come entirely from: D.A.W (Digital audio workstation) Ableton live running Propellerhead Reason 4 with various pluggins, soft synths and Korg Trinity.

So what’s the future hold for Stringsapproach? Listening enjoyment...

My music is for free and none profit... but obviously if the right project should come along, this would be given serious consideration. More investment into my studio...my aim is to go that extra mile for audio quality... I can’t afford to pay top rates for digital re-mastering.

I’ve been releasing two or as much as four tracks a month, rather than disappearing for months on end writing albums; I’d sooner share my music with you soon as possible. I’m constantly building my ever growing library to give my music that extra sheen I strive for.

So...Keep paying me a visit and tuning in, I’m always recording new tracks...leave a review or comment, and please check out the official website: www.Stringsapproach.com by simply clicking on the icon below to see music videos entitled: Hua shan, Nightdrifter, Ultrasphere and Island called solace. 

Or for those who are interested...Watch the video and take a trip around the studio of Stringsapproach.

Thanks again, Craig.