Striving 2 Survive

Growing up in West Texas can be hard, but somehow, I found the time to learn piano.

My family is very musical. My mother was a piano and a clarinet player in high school, my father stills jams on the bass and guitar to classical music, Jennifer, my older sister, played bassoon, flute, and piano (with me), Kimberly, my younger sister, played the saxophone, trumpet, and many more band instruments in band, and I played the trumpet in high school, self taught myself: all other band instruments (and taught 6th grade as a class in high school), piano & keyboard, how to read piano music, and much more. Jennifer and I started playing music (by ear) on the keyboard in 1997 with such artist as "Bon Jovi", "Heart", "Backstreet Boys", and "NSYNC". My sister is the heart beat of my music as she usually played the bass on the keyboard. Jennifer grew away from the keyboard and more into her present husband while I grew closer to the music.

You see... Nothing could replace my sister in our music. That didn't stop me. In 1998, I decided to call myself "Striving 2 Survive" in respects to my sister and her time during our childhood together. I had to strive to survive the loss of my heartbeat (Jennifer)! While striving to survive, I found new ways of continuing my music... Make a lot of mistakes and you'll see #1 TOP CHARTS - "Your Song" by Your Band's Name

So, basically I'm saying... All of my music is a mistake. Never intended for any song to sound the way it did... in fact... never had a clue until it was written and replayed.... and replayed.... and replayed....



                                                                   I Love You All, my fans!

           ► My music is real.    ► My music is alive.   ► My music only gets better!     ► Or I'm not...

                                                                        Striving 2 Survive!