Stroud & Marshall's Biography

Stroud & Marshall was formed in 2006 to write, produce and record a collection of Christ inspired music as a project for the Creekside Christian Fellowship church in Park City, Utah (U.S.A.).

Recorded on a small budget, Ricky Stroud (vocals, guitar) and Trip Marshall (anything with strings and various other sound producing objects), collaborated on the recording project “A Drink Of Your Water”. Stroud & Marshall opted for a “laid back” sound choosing to focus on the simplicity of melody and lyric to encourage the heart and soul of the listener.

Currently, Ricky Stroud continues to minister as the worship leader at Creekside Fellowship while Trip Marshall plays guitar in the K2 Church worship band in Salt Lake City, Utah. Together, they have elected to focus on live worship in obedience to the Lord’s calling on their lives. While no other studio recorded projects are planned Ricky and Trip are still writing new songs to minister to all of God’s creation.

To check out their latest offerings go to “Basement Diaries” on their official site: www.RickyStroud.com  

To purchase the compact disc, “A Drink Of Your Water” visit: MUT Records


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