What’s goin down ? My names Sean Tamman a.k.a LocSaint . I was Born on Febuary 1st 1985 in Mount Vernon Washington and raised in Bellingham Washington . I started out life poor on welfare in a single parent household with my mom and disabled brother , no father’s around for either me or my brother and no male role models in our lives . When I was young I expierienced alot of spiritual evil as well as physical evil against my life . It all started when I was about 6 years old , thats when I felt the vail of innocence was taken off of my life . I had seen things which people would consider ghost’s or spirits , but yet even at a young age before I had heard anything about god or satan , evil or good , I knew it to be , the devil , as I had even illustrated in pictures . An all out assault on my life had begun tormenting me from the age of 6 to 11 . Physical attacks on the street of 23rd that I grew up on were almost daily , getting jumped on the walk to school , back from school , to the corner store , ect. , meaningless torment from kids that had the same life situation as me , no father figures , no life guidance , poor , and no hope . I was generally a good hearted normal happy kid , until spiritual torment as well as physical torment overwhelmed me and caused me to harden my heart . At this time I was 11 years old , about to be 12 , and I started doing drugs , smoking weed and drinking as well as doing some heavy drugs , and I felt the only way to protect myself from clique’s on the streets and in school was to Organize and roll with my own clique , So I did , power in numbers , When In fact , it only made times tougher and led to my demize . I was beat down in class under a no tolerance gang policy school protection program that set me up , face swollen purple and black , 7 year gang profiled , and I was expelled from school all in one day , strategically organized by the public school system (amazing how even the public school’s act in gang mentality) . I was 12 years old , and was outta school for 1 year on the streets doin dirt , stealing , selling drugs , doing drugs , fighting , In essence getting trained up by the evil powers that were working in my life . By 13 I re-entered the school system under a long list of rules , yet only lasted about 6 months , when I was charged with attempted murder , arrested and put in Juvinile Detention looking at a 5 to 10 year sentence , at my bail hearing the judge called me a menace 2 Society and denied my bail . I was stuck with no hope and I was scared , thinking about how young I was and how my whole childhood could be stripped away , I prayed to god , "god , get me out" , and 10 days later , the charges started dropping like fly’s until I was released on 2 years probation and thats it , it was all god . But I went back to my old ways , even worse then before . I started rapping at 12 about trials of life , but by the age of 15 my music shifted to a more evil stand point and wicked persuasion . Over the next 3 years my heart grew more cold , and I was filled with hate and bitterness , I was going to many counselers and psycotherapists that only told me I was crazy , I was bi-polar , I had a criminal mind , and fed me lots of drugs . Which didnt help . I fell deep into depression and attempted sucide numerous occasions . Until in 2002 , I was dragged to church by my mom who had been getting very close with god . I sat in the church seats , high , depressed , filled with hate , angry , not wanting to be there at all . I seen people going up front and the pastor was laying her hand on peoples head and praying in jesus name , and they were falling on the ground ? I thought it was funny and some sort of hoax . So I went up front as a joke , telling my friends "Watch I wont fall back" . Then she layed her hand on my head , and started praying , and BOOM ! I hit the ground , filled with an intense burning sensation that felt really amazing , but so strong I couldnt stand . After I felt the sensation , I was no longer in my body , I felt like my eyes were open , but it was pitch black dark and I was falling down , down , down . Things started grabbing me , and pinching my flesh , screaming in my ear and pulling me down . I beleive I was going to hell . I was so scared , but I couldnt moove , demons had a hold of me , as I heard the faint voice of the pastor saying to repeat a prayer . I started to repeat the prayer and accepted jesus into my heart , right then I saw a bright light close in on me and the demons let go and screamed as the light pulled me up out of the dark pit . I opened my eyes to a doctor in the church giving me mouth to mouth and pumping on my chest to bring me back to life , cause I had stopped breathing , and I beleive for a short time , I had died . As I began to get off the floor , women were crying , and children had run outside of the church and they were crying in horror . The pastor , my best friends at the time , and other members of the church all began to tell me what had happened . Pastor told me that I had a Exorsizm , and that I had numerous demons in me that were cast out . Then my friends and people told me I started screaming after the pastor had layed hands on me , and my eyes had flipped into the back of my head as I started spitting and cursing and I was being thrown around the room . I was shocked , scared , and soo soo tired !! But yet , I felt like a brand new person ! I felt like I had just been born , like I was seeing life through my own eyes for the first time since I could remember . I felt clean , pure and happy . Many trials came after that day . I embraced god touching me with his power and saving my life spiritually and physically , it was so real that I knew god , jesus christ , was real and I could never go back to the way I was , never . So I live for god as best as I can everyday now , and I try to tell people about the truth of god and the price he paid on the cross , when he died for your sins to be forgiven if you would only accept him , ask him for forgivness , and turn from your sin , and live for him . Eternal life is what Jesus bought for you , don’t reject it , cause I know partially what the other side is like , and I dont wish it for anyone . God loves you , and he wants you to accept his love and his sacrifice along with his gift of eternal life in heaven . This is my honest testimony , god bleshya